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What To Consider When Putting Wallpaper To Your Bathroom?

3 Things To Know Before Putting Wallpaper To Your Bathroom

First of all…

If you are thinking of putting wallpaper in your bathroom, we recommend that you choose to do it in a half bathroom. The half bathroom is almost always the guest bathroom and what better way to decorate it with some gorgeous and attractive wallpaper design. Your visitors will love it!

However, if your intentions are to put wallpaper in a bathroom with shower, because you do not have half  bathroom, the suggestion is that the wall you choose is not near the shower, because moisture will put the wall covering at risk.

Here 3 Steps To Take into Account When Putting Wallpaper

1. Measure Your Wall

Choose the wall you want and measure the area to know how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. Again I recommend that you do not choose walls near the shower, as they could splash the paper and damage it.

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2. Make Sure The Wall Is In Proper Condition

Note that the wall does not have humidity, wallpaper on a wall that has cracks is not recommended. It is recommended that the finish is smooth and in optimal conditions for installation.

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3. Take The Necessary Precautions In The Installation (If you DIY)

In order for the wallpaper roll to be installed properly you should avoid leaving air bubbles that could form when putting the glue on the wallpaper, to do this, use a squeegee. Otherwise, it will increase the probability that the paper will peel off over time. Once you have finished putting the wallpaper, let it dry completely.

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How  Many Rolls Of Wallpaper I Need For My Wall?


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How  Many Rolls Of Wallpaper I Need For My Wall?

Steps to Measure Your Wall When You Want a Wallpaper

Simple Formula To Calculate


  1. With the help of a flexometer, you will measure the maximum width of your wall x the maximum height of your wall.
  2. Multiply these two measures. For example, the width of your wall measures 4 meters and has a height of 2.20 meters. The result of what your wall measures is 8.8 square meters.
  3. Once we have the total square meters of the wall, in this example 8.8 m2; There is an easy formula to know how many rolls you need. It is worth mentioning that this formula changes depending on whether the wallpaper has design or if it is completely smooth (no design).
  4. The formula we will use for wallpapers that have a design (repeating pattern) is to divide the result of m2 by 4.2 and for wallpapers that are smooth (no repeating pattern), the m2 factor is divided by 4.6.
  5. In the Example that we have put on a wall of 8.8 square meters with a Wallpaper with design we need 8.8 / 4.2 = 2.0952 rolls or 3 rolls. For those same 8.8 square meters but choosing a smooth Wallpaper without any drawing at least, we need 8.8 / 4.6 = 1.9130 rolls or 2 rolls.

It is important that the measures are taken well to obtain the correct number of rolls.

Photo by William Warby on Unsplash

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